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Hall of Fame

For information on our Membership Criteria and nomination process for 2021, please click here.     

Keeping a softball league afloat and thriving since 1980 has been a group effort, and the following members of the ECSA Hall of Fame represent some of the league's most important contributors. 

Here's a look at the ECSA's Hall of Fame inductees each year:

2020: Jon Ericson, Alex Garnett, Holden Knecht, Rich Matheson, Howard Russel, Brent Scott
2019: Bill Freeberg, Denny Krantz, Jim Neely, Tighe Ockfen-Copeland, Brandy Reed
2018: Bill Justyk, Brandon Chun, Don Okazaki, Jeff Card, Jeff 'Pony' Gunter, Jim Cash

2017: Ali Peters, Floyd Lovelady, Jeff Keever, Wil Wright

2017: Ali Peters, Floyd Lovelady, Jeff Keever, Wil Wright 
2016: John "Grandpa" Ball, Scott Fisher, Mitch Grospe, Craig Hickey, John Voldal
2015: George Aoyama, Gary "Keo" Keopanya, Rich Watson, Joshua Wojcik 
2014: Sara Fetters, Dan Haugen, Chris Larson, Floyd McIsaac/Changes in Wallingford, Randy Robison 
2013: Dan Cross, Joan Holzman
2012: Stuart Feil, Ron Fox, Mike Ridgeway
2011: Delmis Perez, R Place
2010: Gary "Meatball" Gilman, Donnie Moritz, Thomas Walker
2009: Gerry Barton, Fred Parham
2008: Greg Bannish, Mike "Milly" Farris
2007: Gary "Dixie" Carter, Dug Wehage
2006: Frank Pichinini
2005: Time Time
2004: Bobby Wright
2003: Nick Bacetich, Al Castor, Bruce Caszatt, Al Fernandez, Jim "Mother" May, Scott Rodriguez, Alex Veltri, Joe Wolanski

Here's a look at ECSA members who are NAGAAA Hall of Fame inductees by year:

2019: Jeff Card, Thomas Walker
2017: Dug Sharpe

2009: Frank Pichinini
2008: Dominic 'Nic' Bacetich
2007: Time P. Time

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